I figure this blog needs to have SOME beginning… so lets start here. The point of this blog is to offer a new perspective on life, through my eyes, on journeying from trauma to treasure… all names will represent a treasure (example: I will go by Ruby and each person [family] following will have their own alias) for confidentiality and personal reasons. I believe we are all born into this world a treasure, a sparkling diamond or precious Ruby–whichever treasure you desire, really–but through life’s bumps and bruises we, as treasures, slowly transform into dirty, grumpy, bumpy rocks. This blog will be a journey back to finding the shine in my treasure… mind you, at times it will be harsh, funny, sad, silly, exciting, etc… but it will ALWAYS be honest. I hope you enjoy and can find some enjoyment, piece of mind, hope, or something out of this journey!

~Ruby Mae


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