Hi, I thought I would give a brief introduction of myself because it is my guess that most of you have no clue who I am or what my story entails. My name is Bridgette but for this blog I will go by Ruby! Ruby just fits in with the theme [trauma to treasure], don’t you think? I was born into a world where nobody loved, where cruelty was evident daily, and everybody was “in their own world” coinciding with one another in a negative manner. Another-words, my parents were unable to love, they had drug problems, they were both abusive, and neither of them could take care of my brothers and I. My dad died of cancer when I was a kid and my mom remarried a man who would far exceeded the abuse and negativity my dad portrayed. In my younger teen years I was removed from my mom’s house and placed in Foster Care. Foster care was grand, I guess. My first placement was in a home where I had little to no communication with the family because they were a different ethnicity and spoke a different language. But it was there where I met my best friend, who to this day remains my best friend. After that home I had two other “permanent” placements but went back and forth from family and friends of these families. A few months shy of becoming an adult I was adopted and brought into, what they like to call, my forever family! I am now a young adult… and life is NOT where I thought it would be three years ago. Throughout my stay in Foster Care I had three failed adoptions and a lot of transitions. My “Forever Family” failed as well, soon after the adoption, and I am on my journey alone.Who knew forever was only a few months? I now realize that their intentions were much different from what I expected. And I am okay with that. SO summing it up… I was born into a hell world, went into foster care, was adopted, and now am working on my life; I lost five families and everything in the world that meant/means anything to me and I am doing okay! I am being successful in my life. I am a productive citizen of society and I do my best to not let the past ruin my future!! Having said that, I hope you enjoy the blog and will continue reading. I will go into more detail later, of the happenings of my life, so that you get the whole story, not just the summary. You will have to forgive me for my awful grammar, I know already that I will mess up and probably already have! English is just not my thing! Ruby…


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