I never did like alphabet soup… you know, the tomato soup with noodles shaped like the ABC’s in it? I suppose that probably makes me an outcast as most kids like that junk. There is also another type of alphabet soup I don’t like… it’s called multiple diagnosis’. Many kids who come from traumatic backgrounds have multiple diagnosis’ such as ADHD, ADD, PTSD, RAD, ODD, DID, Autism, Aspergers, Manic Depressive, Bipolar, Schizophrenic, Anxiety Disorder, etc. You get my point. I don’t like ABC diagnosis because often times people start to see us as these diagnosis’. I have seen it very clearly in my life. I have been diagnosed with multiple of the labels I previously named… and it seems, to the people who were/are supposed to love me, that instead of being Ruby I am those labels. That is who they see me as. They see me as a RAD kid, a defiant kid, a manipulative kid. Instead of seeing me for who I am they see the diagnosis. THIS is why I don’t like ABC soup diagnosis. Because I am RUBY! I am not RAD, I am not, ODD, I am not DID. I am however a young adult who has gone through a lot in life and has had to learn to make my world work. To keep myself safe. In order to do those things, yes, I do have the traits of some of my diagnosis’… but I am a human before I am a psychological diagnosis. I am a human before I am a behavior. I am a human before I am any type of label. I also think that a lot of the ABC diagnosis is mis-diagnosed in a lot of kids. For example, I don’t think that a lot of kids diagnosed with RAD truly have RAD. I think that they have had a traumatic experience and/or background that has caused them to be weary of who they trust and how they display their affection. They are fearful and angry–but not un-attachable. If the kids diagnosed with RAD really had RAD they wouldn’t be healing and attaching to their families as they are, in my opinion. I do believe that there are kids that DO have the dx… but I also feel that it is being over-diagnosed and quite frankly, I don’t like it. I am very glad they are removing RAD from the DSM-IV and replacing it with Developmental Trauma Disorder. I like this because I feel it will eliminate kids from having to deal with alphabet soup for the rest of their lives as well as it will help the parents to seek help for their kids. I also think that it will help other people realize that we are HUMAN before we are RAD, ODD, ADHD, and so on. I hope it helps others realize that we are HUMAN and we are not what we are labeled… we are human before behavior and all other things. So… hopefully this is goodbye to diagnosis alphabet soup and hello realization!


2 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup

  1. I agree that labels are just that they are a label. It can be helpful as a place to start the process of what you need in order to heal from any “disorder”. I do not agree that having a label to a disorder means one can NEVER heal. To have RAD to me personally means to attach is difficult challenging but not a NEVER can attach or not NEVER can heal. Their are the very rare exceptions I think of people that are “UN-healable”…Perhaps even Hitler as a youth if he had been diagnosed and put through intensive therapy could have been healed. We will never know will we? In those days RAD was not recognized and mental illness was a shameful thing.
    Everyone has their faults their downfalls their challenges and shortcomings. Some just have wounds much much deeper than others.
    I think what’s wrong with society is the “acceptance” of being “abnormal” “different” etc. Not all children learn the same way. Some need to be in movement rather than sitting. Some are very auditory and some people are “feeling” types and therefore learn kinetically. Some people are happy at their 9-5 jobs and others want to own their own businesses with flexible hours. We are simply not all the same and never will be.
    So yes lets open our hearts to our differences including do we have ADHD or RAD or or or…..
    Blessings, Joyous Heart…Mom of an adopted girl that has some serious issues and I am in constant prayer and hope for her to have a beautiful and interesting life full of as much love as she can accept.

  2. Thank you for your comment, it is MUCH appreciated! (: My thing with bringing RAD up was more of a, “I think it is over diagnosed” type deal. I do believe individuals struggling with RAD are “healable” and “attachable” BUT I feel that more than anything a lot of the kids have TRAUMA… anyone with a traumatic background is bound to have a difficult time trusting and allowing others to love them, etc. I think that was my point more than anything bringing RAD up. And that is also one of the reasons I think it is a great idea to change the dx from RAD to DTD… because I believe that most dx’d kids are more traumatized than attachment disabled. Also, diagnosis’ stick with a person for life. Once Dx’d with RAD or Bipolar, etc, it is stuck to that individual forever. And maybe you are right that it is a problem within societies ability to accept… I do think that has a big impact on this type of thing… but to conjure all the dx’s into one would be beneficial to not only the individual but insurance co’s, doctors, teachers, IEP reps, etc, etc, etc. Having a ton of Dx’s isn’t fun… and its not because I don’t accept I having them… its that having so many labels is frustrating and kinda makes you feel a bit psycho! (: I wish you well with your daughter. Again, thank you for your comment! (:

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