Love is not a privilege, love is a right. Every being on this planet has the right to love, and be loved. Once upon a time, it was possible and it was realistic, but in today’s world I feel it is an unrealistic expectation. That thought brings horrible feelings to my stomach because it shouldn’t be unrealistic. It should be the agenda of all agenda’s…to love one another as you would like to be loved. Right?  But what happens when love becomes a burden, or hardened? What happens when one little soul has dispersed and forgotten or wasn’t taught what love is? The worlds axis turns a little more crooked and the gravity pulls a little harder, that’s what happens. Didn’t you ever wonder why when you jumped you came tumbling right back down–and don’t say,  “No because I know what gravity is, DUH!” Because what could cause gravity? When you love, are in love, or are loved,  you feel like you are walking on thin air–like nothing can hold you down. Right? So if every being was filled with love and their right to be loved was fulfilled, don’t you think that gravity would cease to exist? I do. However, love is not that easy. Even though love is a right and not a privilege it is difficult to stay 100% focused on it all the time. Love is exhausting because love is kind, love does not boast, love does not hurt, love isn’t nasty , it’s not proud, it doesn’t run or hide, its not locked up, it doesn’t attack, it doesn’t call bad names. Love is never-ending, and consistent. It sustains, provides, protects, hopes, and believes. Again, it’s exhausting….it’s exhausting because we as humans make mistakes. We are quick to anger, quick to judge, quick to hold a silly grudge. It’s in our nature. BUT because we are human and we make mistakes–because we are human and unconditional love can become too much to give–we turn to conditional love. Because so many people often turn to conditional love, love does feel more like a privilege than a right. What can WE do to change this? What can I, as one, do to change this? I can learn to love myself. I can tell myself that even if I wasn’t loved growing up or wasn’t taught what love is; I am still lovable. I can accept the fact that I don’t need someone else to love me if I can love myself. How do I do this? How can I love myself ALL the time and learn what love is? Listen, observe, accept, don’t fight it–I mean the list goes on. What AM I doing? I am doing the best I can in the situation given. I am learning that it is okay to make a few mistakes, as long as I’m learning from them. I am reading personal affirmations to build that trust in myself. I am proactively changing the way my discombobulated brain works and transforming it into a brain that loves and accepts. So, what are you doing?


One thought on “The Privilege of LOVE

  1. Wow, what a truly wise and inspiring young woman you are. You have definitely been blessed with grace and wisdom, and I find myself being quite envious and grateful at the same time. I am in the process of turning my trauma to treasure and I am about 20 years your senior. In these past 20 years I did not have the insight that you hold as to our brain differences and processes. Trying to function in this world and always being a step behind skipping to a different beat than the rest of humanity it seemed. It wasn’t until this last year after going over a decade without self medicating that the severity of my childhood reality came to the surface. I thought the emotional pain would kill me, it did not. I do believe this is a tremendous period of growth for me and I am glad that I stumbled upon your blog. We are enough, we are tremendously strong, and we have purpose.

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