It’s been 2 years since Bailey and I have been in a “relationship”. It’s weird to think about because sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that I shyly introduced “a friend” to her, and other times it feels like it was centuries ago. First let me explain the “friend”. When you first meet me, in person, I’m pretty shy and timid. I get really overwhelmed in crowded places and then I tend to shut down. A few days before my birthday, 2 years ago, I went to a conference that Bailey was “hosting”, for extra credit so I could pass my psych class. At the end of the conference I KNEW that I had to talk to her, but I didn’t want her to know that what I needed to tell her was about me. So, strategically, I came up with a friend, who by chance, had the same story as mine. That is how we met. We started talking regularly about this time 2 years ago. Our relationship has definitely blossomed and she has become more of a sister to me than a friend. She has helped me defy the odds of being thrown away. She’s done more for me than anyone else in my life, and for that, I am extremely grateful. The other night when I was writing about my struggles it dawned on me that it has been 2 years since our relationship started, that’s when I realized how badly I need to get better. 2 years for most people seems so short–a minuscule pinpoint on a ball of yarn–but for me, 2 years is like a life time. You see, I have not had a single meaningful relationship last longer than 2 years, in my entire life. That is NOT the case for this one. I am determined to make this one last, because this one I don’t want to lose. I refuse to allow this relationship run down the drain. Others ran, but Bailey hasn’t. Our relationship looks a little different from what it did 2 weeks ago, but it’s not gone. Bailey is still committed to helping me heal and supporting me through my process. She is giving as much, if not more, than she can because she believes that I deserve it. I have never had another person fight this hard for me. I know that this transition is hard, that the change in pace is difficult, but I’m almost thankful for it. I think that a part of me was really ready to just move forward and be more independent and less attached-at-the-hips. Mind you, I’m sure it was only a fraction of a hare. It is hard, I’m not going to lie, but I have a “family” that loves me and supports me and that’s all I could ever ask for. Realizing that the 2 year mark is up…I am more committed than ever to getting better because I am more committed than ever to finally make a relationship work–and work successfully.


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