It’s been a while, but I’m okay. I’m actually really, really okay. I haven’t given an “update” on how I’ve been doing lately so I thought I’d clue y’all in. I am doing amazingly well. For the first time in, well I don’t know how long, my brain isn’t going a kajillion miles an hour and the girls aren’t non-stop fighting. My brain is still going about a bajillion miles an hour…but compared to a kajillion, it’s SO quiet. It’s a weird adjustment for sure, but it’s nice. Last week a man flew in for the week to help me, and others, work out our pasts. While I wont go into full detail,  I’ll give this much: he used acupuncture with neuro-reprogramming and it worked amazingly well. I will do a post on he and his  practice next time. I worked mostly on the anger towards my mom and dad. It was difficult because the things my parents did were pretty hideous. Other things were taking back personal power, changing my focus, and shifting my beliefs. I can’t say that I”m 100% cured, but I am better and that is progress. If quieting my brain and the girls down was ALL that was taken from this I’d have been thrilled, but I got so much more and I’m elated. Things between Bailey and I are going really well. Though I still don’t completely understand her logic or thought process I know that she cares and that she loves me. We are working through our stuff and moving toward re-connection. I’m excited about that because we were so close for so long and I have kind of missed her. Becca, Li-Li and Rea {Becca’s other daughter} are all on “vacation” so I kind of miss them. Becca has been super supportive of all the work that I’ve done but I feel that she kind of gets the short end of the deal. Though she gives me a lot of the same things Bailey does, because she is further away and I don’t see her as often, our connection isn’t as deep as Bailey’s and mine. We are connected in a different way. She understands things about me that Bailey does not. They are both amazing. Zhanna is back in school! So this is my life right now. I’m okay. I don’t really know what to write about because I’m not having such a difficult time. My life is still not picture perfect, but I’m not so deep in the abyss of darkness.


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