Okay, as promised, I’m going to post some funny (or what I think is funny) things that I, or the people in my life, have done in the past week (this week I’ll go back further, just to do a catch up) due to stress… Stress makes you stupid, and in my case the stupid is a soft blanket to land on during my overwhelmed/stressful times, because I have learned to laugh at it–most of the time.

  • A little back story: We have a friend here for the weekend who was adopted from Romania. He’s super sweet and funny and I have to say I’ve never been so okay having a new guest, especially guy guest, over. He fits right in with Zhanna and I…I think Bailey has wondered what got herself into a few times! 😀

So, Friday I had to present one of m finals for school as well as speak at an adoption conference in the afternoon. I hadn’t had more than 3 hours of sleep in more than 72 hours..and I was extremely overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. On the way home, Bailey, Zhanna, Constantin, and I were talking and all of the sudden I just kinda asked, “what language do Romanians speak?”

Zhanna, Constantin, and I were playing a new game on the wii. The game required us to collect these sock things, as a gnome. Not going to lie, it was fun…we laughed for like an hour and a half straight. Anyway the game was kind of hard and if you didn’t time it right, the gnome would die and make funny sounds… I just blurted, “When people die, does it really sound like this? Because if so, that’s kinda creepy” (had to be there moment.)

  • Change of topics. Now we’re headed to therapy land. My therapist rocks..just saying. She’s the first therapist I’ve EVER had that actually understands me and WANTS to understand me. Typically we play…but one day we decided to draw. While we were drawing, Leslie asked me a ton of hard questions about my mom and all of the yucky stuff that happened. They were super personal but my mind was so occupied on the drawing that I didn’t realize that I was actually talking about and she kept asking…

After therapy, Bailey always asks how it went. Usually I give the same answer, because usually it’s the same–it goes well and is “fun” but emotional. This particular day we had talked about a LOT of deep deep stuff so I was shut down. When Bailey asked how it was my response was, “Leslie asks a LOT of questions.”

Another week, I brought in Mr. Slammy (medicine ball used to get anger out) and we were using it as part of our play. I drew a face on it and said that it was Zheila. The ball is fat and Leslie started slamming it. She was like, “this is my dad and his big fat head. *instert another slam* This is carrie and her big fat head*Instert another slam* and this…” and as she was slamming, I just kinda blurted out, “Maybe all mean people are fat heads?”

  • Last for the night because I’m exhausted. My speech gets all wacky and I can’t talk straight when I get stressed or overwhelmed and shut down. 

The other night Bailey was getting ready for bed and when I was trying to talk to her I asked, “Are you going to teeth your brush?” (yes, happens often)

While giving my talk at the adoption conference this week, I was talking about Crazy town vs Normal town thinking (irrational/rational)… I didn’t know how to explain Crazy town thinking in a way that wouldn’t sound mean towards my bio/adoptive families so I just left it at telling them that it’s irrational vs rational. Later on in the talk, though, someone asked about caseworkers. My response was telling them to care…and then I gave the story about my first foster home and the stupid worker I had. When I told them that she told me to be thankful for living with a spanish family they all started laughing…and out of nowhere, I just blurted, “You DO get crazy town”

Okay…that’s enough for tonight. I’m exhausted. I wish that I could remember more right now, because they happen on a daily basis, but I’ve only slept like 8-9 hours in the last 4 days. So, goodnight y’all! Look for this again next week…hopefully! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Silly Stress Sunday(s) #1

  1. I am excited to follow your blog, and praying for some insight! I get crazy town, I live with it (him, and he is 16). It takes courage to share, and I am so glad you are sharing. I have enjoyed reading your posts!

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